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Rainbow Sapphires/Gemstones Sets

Rainbow Sapphire Princess Cut Squares


We at Gandhi Enterprises do cut and polish gemstones, but also do the service of matched sets. This means, we are able to match rainbow sets - which are graduation of colours similar to a rainbow or any graduation of colors to meet your style requirements. We can also do only solid colors in match set or a shaded color set, like dark blue to light blue and so on or dark pink to light pink and so on. You can always email us the requirements and we will customize the layout or style according to your needs - either be different colours, or different sizes or mix of everthing.


Rainbow Sapphire Squares Step Cut

Rainbow Sapphire Diamond Cut Rounds

Rainbow Sapphire Octagons Set

Rainbow Sapphire Rounds Red to Pink Set

Rainbow Sapphire Baguette



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